1. The customer needs to call from phones (on a Mitel PBX) a master Exstreamer that forward the audio to 10 other Exstreamer devices. He needs such solution since it’s not possible to add SIP extensions into a paging group on Mitel PBX. The slave Exstreamer needs to play in sync.
  2. Barix proposed to put on master Exstreamer the SIP Client firmware configured in Audio Rebroadcast mode and registered to a SIP extension of Mitel PBX.
  3. The other Exstreamer, uploaded with IP Intercom firmware, receive and play the rebroadcasted audio in sync.


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What we used to ACHIEVE SUCCESS

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IP Intercom

IP Intercom Integration into security management systems

  • Remote controll of the device
  • Features for monitoring device and stream
  • Unicast, multicast and broadcast support
  • Audio Echo Cancellation
  • Streaming destinations dynamically changeable

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SIP Client

Turn your phone system into a full functioning SIP/VOIP paging and intercom solution

  • Full-duplex phone communication
  • SIP (RFC 3261) compliant architecture
  • Supporting profiles
  • Priority-based notification audio messaging
  • Configurable relay
  • Automatic network configuration
  • DTMF door open key sequence

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