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Exstreamer 500

Multiformat IP Audio Encoder/Decoder for Broadcast and Professional Audio Applications.

Professional Multiprotocol IP Audio de-/encoder with I/O, balanced audio. Support of Internet Radio and VoIP (SIP, RTP) codecs and protocols make the products the ideal choice for broadcast, professional and VoIP applications.



24 to 48 VDC ± 20%

Power requirement: 8 Watt max.

2 pin screw terminal connector



10/100Mbps auto,

RJ-45 connetor with integrated Link & Activity LEDs

Protocols: TCP/IP, UDP, RTP, DHCP, Multicast capable


Analog Inputs & Outputs (stereo)

DB9 female socket

Optionale XLR Cable Set


Analog Inputs

Differential input, 18kOhm input impedance

Clipping level 15dBu, 12.3 Vpp

Frequency response (-3dB) 20..20’000 Hz**

Signal to Noise Ratio 87 dB, THD 0.01%

Stereo crosstalk -88 dB

Input level software controllable (-3.. +19.5dB)

Analog Outputs

Differential output, 40..60 Ohm output impedance

Output level software controllable

Full scale output voltage: 15dBu, 12.3 Vpp

Frequency response (-3dB) 20..20’000 Hz**

Signal to Noise Ratio 92dB, THD 0.03%

Stereo crosstalk -66 dB


4 pin screw terminal connector

300..230’400 Baud asynchronous, 7/8 bit

RS-232 Interface

Male 9-pin Sub-D connector

.230‘400 Baud asynchron., tunneling or local control

12 VDC supply output for external device (100 mA max.)

Audio formats

Encoding and decoding MP3 in variable and constant bit rate

( VBR/CBR*, 8kbps..320kbps) at 8..48kHz sample frequency

PCM (L16, uLaw, aLaw) at 8..48kHz sample frequency

Decoding AAC+* (AAC-LC, HE-AAC, HE-AAC v2)


Discrete I/O

Two 6 pin screw terminal connectors

4 contact closure sensing inputs

4 relay contacts, 24V 0.5A, normally open


Aluminum case, 620g, rack mountable using accessory bracket


Dimensions (W x H x D)

216x38x125mm (8.5×1.5×4.92 inch)



According MIL217F at 25°C

Exstreamer 500 min. 410 000h


* Exstreamer 500 Hardware revision 2 only

** depends on used codec, best results @48kHz PCM

Exstreamer 500 (Made in China)

2010.9096 Exstreamer 500 INTL Package


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