IP Audio Client Firmware
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IP Former TPA400 – Plenum Rated per UL Standard 2043

IP Audio Decoder, PoE powered with up to 6W amplified output on screw terminal block to drive loudspeakers

The IP Former can be attached to any loudspeaker either while in production or in existing installations. It enables audio-streaming over the internet with a reliable, fast-reactive connection, storing capabilities and VoIP/SIP negotiation. Installers can just sell an upgrade to existing installations and setups. Producers can offer an IP speaker without additional R&D. Powered by PoE, it is as easy to install as any clever IP speaker. As a decoder it streams audio from radio stations, telephones and paging stations. It is ideal for speakers to play background music, live announcements in schools, retail, offices, for emergency warning systems or triggered message playback and announcements over SIP. For management and advanced functions, the IP former is ready for (optional) sound detection of the surrounding. Barix is offering adaptation to your business needs to grow together.



Operation System

  • Embedded Linux based on Yocto

Network Interfaces

  • 1 x Ethernet (RJ45) Interface
  • IPv4, IPv6 capable
  • 10/100 fdx/hdx, auto negotiation


  • Dante ® Support – Requires extra license
  • Singlewire InformaCast compatibility – requires extra license
  • SynApps Revolution compatibility
Audio Interface

  • 6.5W RMS @ 4 Ohm on Screw Connector
  • 4 – 8 Ohm Speaker
  • Microphone Input 3.3VDC Bias on Screw Conn

Audio Formats

  • MP3 CBR/VBR, up to 320 kbps, 8..48 kHz sample freq.
  • AAC-HE (AAC, AAC plus, AAC plus V2)
  • PCM linear 16bit @44.1 kHz
  • 711
  • 722
  • GSM
  • Opus, WAV, OGG Vorbis



CPU / Memory

  • Barix IPAM400 Processor Module
  • Quad-Core ARM Cortex™ -A7
  • 256MB DDR3 L3
  • 16MB SPI Flash
  • 8GB SD-Card Flash

User Interface

  • Web interface for configuration
  • 2 x Multicolor LED Status indicators
  • Reset & Factory Defaults Button

Power Requirements

  • IEEE 802.3af PoE

  • > 200’000h

Measurement / Mechanics

  • 4” x 2.4” x 1.25” /
  • 72mm x 72mm x 38mm
  • Various Mounting ears for 70/100V
    Transformer compatibility


  • 110g


  • Two years


IP Former TPA400 (Made in Europe)


IP Former TPA400

2020.9299P – IP Former TPA400 (incl. Syn-Apps)

2020.9314P – RetailPlayer TPA400 PoE Package (incl. free SaaS Portal)


IP Former TPA400 Singlewire’s Informacast license

2020.9301P – IP Former TPA400 InformaCast

2019.3160 – InformaCast License (must be ordered with device)


IP Former TPA400 Dante®  – Including Dante® license

2023.9401P – IP Former TPA400 Dante® – Including Dante® license


IP Former TPA400 Dante® + InformaCast –  Including Dante® license + Singlewire’s InformaCast license

2023.9402P – IP Former TPA400 Dante® + Singlewire’s InformaCast – Including Dante® license + Singlewire’s InformaCast license


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