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Barionet 100

I/O device server with web server, Modbus/TCP and SNMP support.

Universal, programmable I/O device server with web server, Modbus/TCP and SNMP support. Serial ports, analog and digital I/O, Relays and Dallas 1-wire support. UL listed.

I/O Interfaces

2 relay outputs (240 VAC 5 A)

4 digital inputs (0..12 V), configurable pullups

4 universal inputs (analog 0..5/10 V or digital 0..12 V) with configurable pullups

4 digital outputs (open collector, 24 V 0.1 A)

2 Barix extension bus connectors with Dallas 1-Wire® capability

Serial Interfaces

1 RS-232 * (DSub-9 male, RX/TX only)

1 RS-422/485 * (2/4-wire)

* 600..19’200 Baud, 7/8 bit, Odd/Even/No par


Network Interface

RJ45 10/100 Mbit Ethernet (Autodetect)

TCP/IP, UDP, ICMP, DHCP, AutoIP, IPzator™, XML, SOAP, Modbus/TCP, SNMP, CGI, HTTP web server for control, status and configuration





8+2 LED status indicators


Power input

9..30 VDC, 4 Watt max.



high quality plastic, 160 g, , DIN-rail mount.

4.13“ x 3.34“ x 1.1”, 105 mm x 85 mm x 31 mm



Min. 205 000h acc. to MIL217F at 25°C

ambient temperature


User Interface

browser based (integrated webserver),

serial port or ethernet control AP

Barionet 100 (Made in China)

2003.9014 Barionet 100 NoPSU Package

2003.9032 Barionet 100 NoPSU Package (OEM Package)


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