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  1. 06 September 2023

    BARIX Distributors Event – Aveiro, Portugal

  2. 31 August 2023

    Annuncicom PS Touch – Your desktop IP intercom and paging master station.

  3. 22 August 2023

    Barix Barionet 400, universal, programmable I/O device server for Automation & Control

  4. 25 July 2023

    The Allure of the Classic – Classics endure through the ages, resonating with people across generations.

  5. 03 July 2023

    Join Our Webinar on Tuesday, 18 July 2023 at 10:00am (CET) and discover the Power of Barix IPAC Products with Dante® Support

  6. 23 May 2023

    Join us at Infocomm 2023 – Visit Booth 5451 and meet the Barix team in Orlando, Florida from 14th to 16th June

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