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SIP Opus Codec MA400

Automatic link negotiation for high quality audio over IP transport.

The cost-effective SIP Opus Codecs combine the ease of SIP-based link establishment with the efficiency of the Opus audio compression format. The SIP Opus Codec devices encode or decode audio signals using the open standard Opus codec, a royalty-free audio compression format known for exceptional quality and reliability in interactive speech and music transmission over the Internet. The devices build on the Opus codec’s quality, efficiency and low latency with SIP functionality to establish seamless links across SIP-compatible telephone or other IP-based communications systems. The Barix devices dial another device and accept an incoming call automatically to negotiate a transmission link for Opus-based audio streaming. The SIP Opus Codecs offer a reliable, high-quality solution for studio-to-studio (SSL) and studio-to-transmitter (STL) applications at cost-efficient pricing.



SIP Opus MA400 (Made in China)

2019.9260 SIP Opus Codec MA400 PoE Package

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