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Exstreamer M400

Multiformat IP Audio Decoder with stereo line level audio output on RCA connectors

The Exstreamer M400 feeds your PA and turns it into an extensive Audio over IP system. A wide variety of audio environments, such as Dante ®, SIP, InformaCast and Syn-Apps are supported. Codecs include PCM, AACplus, MP3, OPUS, G.711, G.722 that can be streamed using HTTP and RTP. Audio files can be stored on the internal memory and their playback can be triggered via a simple UDP command. Thanks to the priority handler, the Exstreamer M400 can be configured to switch between sources according to one of the five priority settings and therefore eliminates the need for an audio matrix device. The M400 is a solid metal device, compact and easily installed. It is connected to your amplifier, DSP or audio mixer via a stereo output on RCA connectors. The configuration of the device is done via the local web interface.

Operation System

  • Embedded Linux based on Yocto

Network Interfaces

  • 1 x Ethernet (RJ45) Interface
  • IPv4, IPv6 capable
  • 10/100 fdx/hdx, auto negotiation


  • Dante ® Support – Requires extra license
  • Singlewire InformaCast compatibility – requires extra license
  • Syn-Apps Revolution compatibility
CPU / Memory

  • Barix IPAM400 Processor Module
  • Quad-Core ARM Cortex™ -A7
  • 256MB DDR3 SDRAM
  • 16MB SPI Flash
  • 8GB SD-Card Flash

Audio Formats

  • MP3 CBR/VBR, up to 320 kbps, 8..48 kHz sample freq.
  • AAC-HE (AAC, AAC plus, AAC plus V2)
  • PCM linear 16bit @44.1 kHz
  • G.711
  • Opus, WAV, OGG Vorbis

RS-232 Interface

  • Serial Port


Audio Interface

  • unbalanced L-R Line level output on RCA connectors
  • Headphone connector on the front panel

User Interface

  • Web interface for configuration
  • 2 x Multicolor LED Status indicators
  • Reset & Factory Defaults Button

Power Requirements

  • 5VDC, 10W maximum on 5.5×2.1mm barrel connector (inner positive)



  • > 200’000h


  • 108x38x78.7mm
  • 4.25×1.5×3.1 inch


  • 250g


  • Two years


Exstreamer M400 (Made in China)

Exstreamer M400

2020.9291 Exstreamer M400 EU Package (incl. Syn-Apps)

2020.9292 Exstreamer M400 US Package (incl. Syn-Apps)

2020.9293 Exstreamer M400 UK Package (incl. Syn-Apps)

2020.9294 Exstreamer M400 NoPSU Package (incl. Syn-Apps)


Exstreamer M400 Informacast

2020.9295 Exstreamer M400 InformaCast EU Package

2020.9296 Exstreamer M400 InformaCast US Package

2020.9297 Exstreamer M400 InformaCast UK Package

2020.9298 Exstreamer M400 InformaCast NoPSU Package

2019.3160 InformaCast License (must be ordered with device)


Exstreamer M400 (Made in China)

Exstreamer M400 Dante® – Including Dante® license

2023.9403P Exstreamer M400 EU Dante®

2023.9404P Exstreamer M400 US Dante®

2023.9405P Exstreamer M400 UK Dante®

2023.9406P Exstreamer M400 Dante® NoPSU


Exstreamer M400 Dante® + InformaCast – Including Dante® license + Singlewire’s Informacast license

2023.9407P Exstreamer M400 EU Dante® + Informacast

2023.9408P Exstreamer M400 US Dante® + Informacast

2023.9409P Exstreamer M400 UK Dante® + Informacast

2023.9410P Exstreamer M400 Dante® + InformaCast NoPSU


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