Low-latency encoder for unicast streaming over WiFi connection.

The AudioPoint 3.0 streams live audio over various WiFi-routers to the cellphones of up to 50 users (respectively 250 users, depending on the license). A unicast stream enables near lip sync audio streaming to the users' mobile phones via a free iOS and Android app. AudioPoint 3.0 provides single-channel or multi-channel support, lists available channels and streams your logo without the need for a cloud based platform. Check out our latest news related to AudioPoint applications here

Configuration Interface Preview

Having the possibility to forward the main audio output from IPAC to Dante® opens the doors for many use cases and interoperability scenarios:

  • Real-time audio streaming for almost lip-sync audio
  • Free iOs and Android apps which are customizable (on request)
  • Simple onboarding with a QR code

How can you Implement this Solution in a Wider System

  • Low-latency streaming to cell phone app
  • Single channel or multi-channel support
  • Automatic recognition and dynamic listing of available channels
  • No cloud server required
  • Works with many Wi-Fi routers
  • Audio Format PCM / 24kHz 16bit mono
  • QR code scan to connect to a stream
  • Up to 250 users per device
  • AudioPoint Pro server for thousands of users
  • iOS and Android compatible
  • Customizable channel logo displayed on app
  • Easy configuration

What You Need

AudioPoint App

High Quality WiFi Router

Upgrade to 250 users

Devices Available for AudioPoint

AudioPoint AudioPoint 3.0

Near Lip-Sync Encoder 

  • Turns a local WiFi-system into a near lip-sync network
  • Two channel selectable per device
  • No cloud synchronisation needed
  • Free app optimized for iOS and Android

Ordering numbers for AudioPoint 3.0

  • 2017.9217
    AudioPoint 3.0  50 clients EU Package
  • 2017.9218
    AudioPoint 3.0  50 clients US Package
  • 2017.9219
    AudioPoint 3.0  50 clients UK Package
  • 2017.9220
    AudioPoint 3.0  50 clients No PSU Package
  • 2017.3135
    AudioPoint 250CL License upgrade to support 250 clients total
  • AudioPoint PRO
    10 GigE equiped server that can serve more than 2000 users (requires one AudioPoint 3.0 unit)
  • 2020.3167
    AudioPoint 3.0 Software Development Kit, incl. one license for one custom build AudioPoint 3.0 app.

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