Speaker Retrofitting

Make Any Speaker an IP Speaker.

ipformer before and after installation

The IP Former converts existing passive loudspeakers to network loudspeakers in various applications. It is a solid metal device that is mounting compatible to 70/100V Speaker Transformers and can therefore be mounted to any existing Speaker. A wide variety of Audio Systems, such as SIP, InformaCast and Syn-Apps are supported. Codecs include PCM, AACplus, MP3, OPUS, G.711, G.722 that can be streamed using HTTP, RTP or UDP. Audio files can be stored on the internal memory and played via simple UDP command. The built in 8W full digital class-D audio amplifier provides high quality audio signals to a 2, 4 or 8 Ohm in-wall, in-ceiling or tabletop speaker. The device is powered without any other cabling using Power over Ethernet (PoE). Configuration of the device is done via the internal web interface.

Move from analog to digital. To be effcient, change as little as possible.

  • Build on your current best practice: Keep your speaker and your product experience.
  • Minimize risk: Utilize the experience of the leader in IP-based transport to address the future in audio distribution.
  • Be ready for the future: Build on a feature-rich, easily expandable IP decoder/amplifier with Barix as reliable partner.
  • Stay competitive: IP Former is highly price competitive in project tenders by upgrading existing infrastructure.

Configuration Interface Preview

  • 6.5W RMS @ 4 Ohm Speaker Output
  • IEEE 802.3af PoE
  • Syn-App certified
  • Singlewire certified
  • Multi-level message priority
  • AACplus, MP3, G.711, G.722 over RTP
  • SIP VoIP endpoint support

Devices Available for Speaker Retrofitting

Speaker Retrofitting IP Former TPA400 - Plenum Rated per UL Standard 2043

Adds advanced IP encoding / decoding functions to any loud-speaker.

  • VOIP/SIP capabilities
  • Plenum Rated per UL Standard 2043
  • Audio output with up to 5 Watt (This is suitable for most corporate environments. Need more power? Checkout the Exstreamer MPA400 with up to 40W power delivery)
  • POE Powered
  • Built-in amplifier over temperature protection
  • IP Streaming via TCP, UDP, RTP, Multicast
  • Secured HTTPS connection
  • Compatible with any speaker
  • Singlewire Certified – requires extra license
  • Syn-Apps Certified

Ordering numbers for IP Former TPA400 – Plenum Rated per UL Standard 2043

IP Former TPA400

2020.9299P – IP Former TPA400 (incl. Syn-Apps)

2020.9314P – RetailPlayer TPA400 PoE Package (incl. free SaaS Portal)


IP Former TPA400 Informacast

2020.9301P – IP Former TPA400 InformaCast

2019.3160 – InformaCast License (must be ordered with device)


IP Former TPA400 Dante®  – Including Dante® license

2023.9401P – IP Former TPA400 Dante® – Including Dante® license


IP Former TPA400 Dante® + InformaCast –  Including Dante® license + Singlewire’s InformaCast license

2023.9402P – IP Former TPA400 Dante® + Singlewire’s InformaCast – Including Dante® license + Singlewire’s InformaCast license

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