IC Paging

Complete Intercom and paging / public address solution over IP networks.

The Intercom & Paging Application firmware is the perfect solution for building intercom and paging systems over IP networks with a full-featured master-slave functionality. With this firmware, it’s easy to define groups and zones or multi-master architectures to switch to another control office when the first one is not reachable (f.e. during day/night shift). The same software can be set as ICMaster or ICClient after the installation. The client version supports multichannel Background Music and interrupting voice announcements. On the master station, incoming calls can be shown on the display, set on hold or rejected.  The additional ICgraph Java application allows to develop fully customized graphical interfaces for paging & control from PC. ICGraph is running on various operating systems.

Configuration Interface Preview

  • no server needed
  • full or half duplex mode of operation
  • 8 configurable group target buttons, each group can address 128 devices with multicast or broadcast
  • PS Touch allows for 48 devices which can be addressed directly with unicast
  • 4 Master stations support (PS Touch/ICgraph)
  • remote switching of client relay
  • Features priority notification port

Devices Available for IC Paging

IC Paging ICGraph

Customized communication interfaces

  • Build user interfaces
  • Easy to configure
  • Java based
  • Free to use

Ordering numbers for ICGraph

IC Paging Paging Gateway M400

Bridges Smartphones, Computer and Tablet with Analog and IP Paging Systems

  • L-R Line Out on RCA Connectors (unbalanced)
  • Multi-level message priority
  • G.711 over RTP

Ordering numbers for Paging Gateway M400

2021.9347P Paging Gateway M400 EU Package

2021.9348P Paging Gateway M400 US Package

2021.9349P Paging Gateway M400 UK Package

2021.9350P Paging Gateway M400 NoPSU Package

IC Paging Exstreamer M400

New Architecuture Multiformat IP Audio Decoder

  • Turns PA into extensive Audio over IP systems
  • Wide variety of audio environements supported
  • Singlewire Certified – requires extra license
  • Syn-Apps Revolution Certified
  • Codecs include PCM, AACplus, MP3, OPUS, G.711, G.722

Ordering numbers for Exstreamer M400

Exstreamer M400

2021.9291  Exstreamer M400 EU (incl. Syn-Apps)

2020.9292  Exstreamer M400 US (incl. Syn-Apps)

2020.9293  Exstreamer M400 UK (incl. Syn-Apps)

2020.9294  Exstreamer M400 NoPSU (incl. Syn-Apps)


Exstreamer M400 Informacast

2020.9295  Exstreamer M400 InformaCast EU

2020.9296  Exstreamer M400 InformaCast US

2020.9297  Exstreamer M400 InformaCast UK

2020.9298  Exstreamer M400 InformaCast NoPSU

2019.3160  InformaCast License (must be ordered with device)


Exstreamer M400 Dante® – Including Dante® license

2023.9403P  Exstreamer M400 EU Dante®

2023.9404P Exstreamer M400 US Dante®

2023.9405P  Exstreamer M400 UK Dante®

2023.9406P  Exstreamer M400 Dante® NoPSU


Exstreamer M400 Dante® + InformaCast –  Including Dante® license + Singlewire’s InformaCast license

2023.9407P  Exstreamer M400 EU Dante® + InformaCast

2023.9408P Exstreamer M400 US Dante® + InformaCast

2023.9409P  Exstreamer M400 UK Dante® + InformaCast

2023.9410P  Exstreamer M400 Dante® + InformaCast NoPSU

IC Paging Annuncicom MPI400

Intercom / Paging device with contact closure inputs, relay outputs, Line and Mic / Speaker support

  • Paging / Intercom device with talkback for classrooms or factory buildings
  • Door Intercom station
  • Paging / Intercom endpoint for public transportation

Ordering numbers for Annuncicom MPI400

Annuncicom MPI400 (Made in Europe)

2021.9330P MPI400 PoE Package

Annuncicom MPI400 Singlewire’s Informacast license

2022.9372P InformaCast Package (must be ordered with InformaCast License)

2019.3160 InformaCast License (must be ordered with device)

Annuncicom MPI400 Dante®

2023.9413P Annuncicom MPI400 Dante® – Including Dante® license

Annuncicom MPI400 Dante® + InformaCast – Including Dante® license + Singlewire’s InformaCast license

2023.9414P Annuncicom MPI400 Dante® + InformaCast


2011.5032 Accessories Power supply 24VDC

2006.9072 Accessories Wall mount bracket

2007.9082 Accessories 19“ Rack mount

IC Paging Annuncicom PS Touch

Advanced IP Intercom and paging master station with security and redundancy

  • 5-Watt output speaker
  • AACplus, MP3, Ogg Vorbis, G.711, G.722, PCM Decoding
  • XLR microphone connector with 13 Volt bias voltage
  • Power over Ethernet (PoE)
  • 14 Softtouch Zone Selectors & 1 Hardware Paging Button

Ordering numbers for Annuncicom PS Touch

2020.9305P Annuncicom PS Touch Simple Paging

2022.9361P Annuncicom PS Touch 400 Package

2021.9353p Annuncicom PS Touch 400 OEM

IC Paging Annuncicom PS1

IP Intercom and paging master station

  • Built-in speaker and microphone
  • Built in encoder and decoder
  • IP Streaming via TCP, UDP, RTP, Multicast
  • Target/Function Buttons
  • Power over Ethernet (PoE)

Ordering numbers for Annuncicom PS1

2012.9118 Annuncicom PS1 INTL packageDevice only – Desktop stand with screws and rubber feet

2012.9117 Annuncicom PS1 Accessory KitPackage contents
– Guiding bracket for gooseneck mic
– Mini-jack gooseneck microphone

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