1. The customer needs a paging system from command center to 8 remote facilities, connected over public Internet without VPN support.
  2. Considering that the customer already has a positive experience with an IC Paging application over LAN, Barix proposed a workaround to have IC Paging application working over public Internet.
  3. Using two Barionet 100 with Rebroadcast firmware, the multicast control and audio streams are sent to the public IPs at remote facilities and from PS16 master station reach the Exstreamer 200.


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What we used to ACHIEVE SUCCESS

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IC Paging

Complete Intercom and paging / public address solution over IP networks

  • Full or half duplex mode
  • 8 configurable group target buttons, with 128 devices each
  • Multicast or broadcast
  • Remote switching of client relay
  • Priority notification port
  • No server needed

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