1. The customer needs to integrate paging/SIP/alerting with existing BGM system based on Exstreamer 105 on 20 zones, and controlled by AMX. The system needs to support paging to/from Cisco phones.
  2. Barix proposed IC Paging solution with couples of Annuncicom 200 for call to SIP phones and TVC firmware (on Annuncicom and Barionet 50) for call from phones with zone selection via DTMF.
  3. Instreamer or MP3-RTP-Streamer are used as BGM sources.
  4. BellCommander software works as alert / messages scheduler.


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What we used to ACHIEVE SUCCESS

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IC Paging

Complete Intercom and paging / public address solution over IP networks

  • Full or half duplex mode
  • 8 configurable group target buttons, with 128 devices each
  • Multicast or broadcast
  • Remote switching of client relay
  • Priority notification port
  • No server needed

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SIP Client

Turn your phone system into a full functioning SIP/VOIP paging and intercom solution

  • Full-duplex phone communication
  • SIP (RFC 3261) compliant architecture
  • Supporting profiles
  • Priority-based notification audio messaging
  • Configurable relay
  • Automatic network configuration
  • DTMF door open key sequence

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