1. The customer was looking for a solution to increase the
    performance of his Paging/BGM system, based on PS16 and Exstreamer 105 with Streaming Client, and controlled by AMX, in terms of delay on switching from BGM to paging.
  2. The mandatory request on solving the delay issue was to maintain the Streaming Client firmware on the zone players (the advanced API of Streaming Client are needed for control by AMX).
  3. Barix proposed the new AudioSpread solution on AudioPoint hardware. Replicating the incoming RTP streams (from AnyToAll application on PS16) to several unicast streams (based on configurable tables), AudioSpread permits to address the Exstreamers (zones) using the notification port of Streaming Client, keeping standard URLs only for BGM.


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Audio spreading to many locations

  • Up to 250 endpoints per device
  • Packet-based stream spreading
  • Low Latency redirection

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Any to all PA

Perform quick and company wide announcements

  • Up to 16 targets
  • Exstreamer devices as ‘Receive only’ endpoints
  • Bi-directional streaming in half-duplex
  • One input can be defined as ‘stream to all destinations’.
  • Supports RTP streaming protocol
  • Uses MP3, uLaw or aLaw audio format

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Streaming Client

Live audio and advertisement streaming.

  • Plays compressed and raw streams from network playlists
  • Decoding correction allows fine tuning of the playback speed
  • Standalone mode for autoplay of local files
  • Serial gateway to transmit RS232 data to a remote location
  • Relay control (optional)
  • ‘User Interface Development Kit’ to design your own Web look and feel

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Encoder for analog audio sources in real time with TCP, UDP, Shoutcast, Multicast RTP stream

  • MP3, G.711, G.722, PCM Encoding
  • IP Streaming via TCP, UDP, RTP, Multicast
  • Shoutcast/Icecast Source capability
  • Audio Level Supervision with SNMP Trap generation
  • Line Level Input (Stereo)

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