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The Engineering Team behind Barix is ready to help deliver your audio project.

Barix offers the customisation of existing products and the creation of new products on the base of our powerful audio modules. Equipped with the knowledge and experience to deliver another successful OEM product from production.

We are always on time

We create prototypes very fast

We can do engineering to finished production


Example Projects

A revolutionary SIP Opus transport platform for iHeartRadio

A revolutionary SIP Opus transport platform for iHeartRadio

The development of the SIP Opus Stereo Encoder/Decoder hardware and software was specifically made for iHeartRadio by Barix engineers. "Opus and SIP are the future of interoperability" says Steve George from iHeartRadio. To ensure multivendor operability it was decided to use the open, royalty-free Opus audio codec combined with the SIP protocol as a common handshake. "We like Barix because their boxes have been fairly bulletproof; they’re simple devices that generally perform one defined task, but do it very well. We had confidence that Barix devices would reliably do what they are supposed to do, and do it cost-efficiently." Barix went from concept to having hardware live in the field in just over three months. "An incredible turnaround time". This project will span multiple sites interconnecting 850+ radio stations.

Train Station Announcements over IP

Train Station Announcements over IP

Amtrak operators use traditional microphones to make their announcements, which are converted from analog audio to a digital stream by Annuncicom 100s. If the output device is available, the announcement is directly streamed to the output with a very small delay. If the output Annuncicom is already busy with another stream or previously recorded message, the Annuncicom 100 stores the message in real time into flash memory, and sends the message as soon as the output is available. “Barix was the perfect choice for this project because they were the only vendor that could so seamelessly implement modern, digital IP intercom technology into an existing analog paging system,” said Bryan Min, president and CEO of Epsilon Systems who implemented the system. “Barix was able to keep the product and integration costs to a minimum for Amtrak while also providing the customized programming that Amtrak required."

Test our Expertise!

A modular set of reliable components that are proven to work and are optimized over the years. Examples of what we can build:

Individual speaker upgrade with IP capability

SIP capable devices

Audio Streaming over IP hardware

Paging and Intercom solutions

Broadcasting equipment replacements

IP frontend in amplifiers

Color customisation and labeling

Software add-ons into other systems

Functional enhancements of existing products

If you see an existing product in our portfolio which can be adapted we make sure to utilize it to your advantage.

Excellence in Engineering

The Barix Professional Service team brings more than 15 years of experience in IP-Audio streaming, VoIP and IoT product development. We help shorten the time to market by providing fast, cost-effective and robust development services, and to deliver solutions tailored to your needs.

Our in-depth industry and technical experience brings exceptional value to the project, and our team is fully committed to delivering robust solutions within scope, time and cost. Engage with Barix Professional Services today to discuss how we can efficiently fill the gaps in your product portfolio, and accelerate your time to market.

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