Digital Messages

Digital Message Repeater and Streamer Applications

Stored (USB, microSD, internal flash) messages playback/streaming, triggered by network (UDP, HTTP/CGI), by pushbuttons or by serial interface. They are distributed as a complete ABCL Firmware package, inclusive application source.

The Digital Message Repeater firmware supports locally playback of upto 100 stored messages. By audio filename the file should be played once, in a loop or with relay activity. 

Digital Message Streamer application has been developed to allow RTP streaming of locally stored MP3 messages to a configurable destnation with possibility of local playback for monitoring. The messages are assigned to upto 8 playlist files, and can be downloaded at a preconfigured time from remote FTP server, and triggered remotely either from its web interface, or locally by closing contacts.

Main Features

Digital Message Repeater
  • Local playback of up to 100 MP3 files
  • Momentary, once, repeated playing
  • Message trigger from web UI, UDP, HTTP/CGI, serial, contacts closure (native X8 support)
  • Volume control from UDP, HTTP/CGI, serial
  • Application monitoring via SYSLOG messages
Digital Message Streamer
  • RTP streaming and local playback of up to 8 playlists
  • Supports broadcast and multicast
  • Message trigger from the web UI or from contacts closure (native X8 support)
  • Realtime volume control and local directory listing from the webUI
  • Up to three configurable times for FTP download
  • NTP time with local zone and daylight saving settings
  • Possibility for forced download in case of NTP server failure
  • Application monitoring via SYSLOG messages

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