04 October 2023

Barix Brings Spanish Broadcasts to Life for San Francisco 49ers Football Games

Discover the Ultimate Game-Changer for Live Spanish Broadcasts 🎙️

As the 2023-24 As the 2023-24 National Football League (NFL) season has started, something special is happening for San Francisco 49ers fans. Thanks to cutting-edge Audio over IP technology from Barix, you can now immerse yourself in live Spanish language game broadcasts like never before!

🌐 Remote Broadcast Revolution Imagine a seamless workflow for away games, where engineers plug in a Barix Instreamer device, and voila, the magic of live gameday audio is back in studios both in Mexico and San Francisco. It’s that simple, thanks to the Instreamer, Barix’s classic Audio over IP encoder.

🎙️ Effortless Broadcasting Whether it’s the roar of the crowd, the referee’s call, or the excitement of the game, the Instreamer makes remote broadcasting a breeze. With just an Instreamer, a microphone, and a laptop, you can reliably transmit top-notch audio back to the studio. Even the 49ers Studios, known for their excellence, opt for this straightforward, reliable, and cost-effective setup.

🌟 Spanish-Language Excellence Matias Godinez, Spanish Broadcast Engineer and Producer for the 49ers, attests to the Instreamer’s brilliance. Starting as a tool to enhance home broadcasts with crowd noise, it’s now their go-to for capturing entire away games. Plug it in, establish an ethernet connection, and the audio flows seamlessly.

📻 Every Fan’s Delight The story doesn’t end there. Barix Exstreamer devices decode Instreamer-encoded streams, ensuring gameday audio reaches audiences across terrestrial, web, mobile, and social media platforms. That means you can catch all the action, including the 49ers’ Spanish language broadcasts, right here: Read More.

🎧 Professional Production Matias Godinez’s gameday setup guarantees a professional production. With a small audio mixer and an array of mics, audiences enjoy the charismatic play-by-play commentary of Jesus Zarate. Barix devices make it happen, making sure the broadcast reaches your ears flawlessly.

Don’t miss this incredible transformation in live Spanish broadcasts. Dive deeper into the technology that’s changing the game for football fans. Read the full article now and elevate your NFL experience! 🏆🔊


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