The turn-key solution for business music and adverts delivery.

SoundScape is a complete solution to manage and distribute audio over IP networks. With SoundScape, service providers now have a single, centralized solution for content delivery and network-wide monitoring and management, instead of requiring different platforms.

The ability to switch between live and stored content provides flexible playout options for customers that wish to schedule special playlists for specific times or events. In addition, the ability to monitor network-wide player status, push software updates, and assign players to specific groups gives service providers the most comprehensive and flexible in-store radio solution available today in retail, hospitality and educational environments.

Remote Management

Advanced Music & Ads Management

The SoundScape solution brings together a central management software portal with corresponding audio playout devices. Users with administrative access can create and schedule playlists featuring music, ads and promos from the head office, and additionally configure and update player devices across the network. At the playout locations, Barix devices deliver high-quality audio content to speaker systems, with targeted advertisements seamlessly fading in and out of music streams and playlists.

The Usability for You is What Makes it Stand Out

Installation Structure

  • Centralized management software (monthly subscription fee)
  • Reliable audio players with high-quality music reproduction
  • Dynamic ad insertions with seamless fade-in/out
  • Seamless switching between live streams, stored playlists
  • Alarm generation, network reporting for monitoring and troubleshooting
  • Detailled log function of all played music titles and adverts
  • Extensive monitoring and alarm management

Devices Available for SoundScape

SoundScape Exstreamer SoundScape

Online managed audio player for business music and advertising applications

  • MP3 and AAC+ decoding
  • Stereo Line Level Output
  • Plays adverts, playlists and HTTP streams
  • Cloud-based management with local UI
  • Reliable scheduling, monitoring, reporting

Ordering numbers for Exstreamer SoundScape

  • 2015.9180
    Exstreamer SoundScape Display+Keypad 8GB EU Package
  • 2015.9181
    Exstreamer SoundScape Display+Keypad 8GB US Package
  • 2015.9182
    Exstreamer SoundScape Display+Keypad 8GB UK Package
  • 2015.9183
    Exstreamer SoundScape Display+Keypad 8GB NoPSU Package
  • 2006.9072
    Wall Mounting Bracket
  • 2007.9082
    Barix 19’’ Rack mount
  • 2006.9054
    Cable Set Audio

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