TV Audio to Phones

Analog audio distribution to phones using SIP.

Triggered Audio Messages for Zones

Triggered audio messages for zones with scheduled audio files update.

Paging / Bells System for School

Paging System with bells and emergency tones.

Audio System for Campground Resort

BGM and alerting system for 750 site Campground Resort.

Audio over IP: Audio Recording of Meetings, Conferences, Lectures

Barix IP Audio Solution provides scaleable recording solution with one-click activation.

SIP Call Rebroadcasting into Mitel Phone System

Paging from phones to Barix Exstreamer using SIP Client Audio Rebroadcast mode.

Priority Streaming

Priority streaming with local audio input.

Playing Alert from Phone Call

Triggering audio alarm from a phone call.

Audio Recording of Town Meetings

Real time audio recording with local storage and FTP upload.

Audio Gateway

Speak/listen audio system over IP with recording.