Easily manage your distributed audio system using the RetailPlayer platform

RetailPlayer Solution is the newest generation platform for multi-channel background music streaming. It defines a new price point for a background music delivery system to many sites. Targeting customer with a need for streaming background music and messages using the internet, the RetailPlayer solution provides a cost effective, robust and highly scalable solution. A portal server (that runs in the cloud or can be installed at the clients premises) provides the configuration as well as firmware update and management for all players. For the streaming server, the customer is open to select the most competitive solution on the market and is not locked to the Barix platform.



  • Background music for In-store, gym, church, hotels and more
  • Streaming Audio and Message to many sites using the internet
  • Long lasting with ultra robust Barix player
  • Remote control for volume and stream selection
  • Remote firmware update


  • Latest generation, robust, cost-effective player
  • Cloud or client server based management system
  • Individual volume and stream selection control 
  • Management of groups, clients and users
  • Advanced firmware update and OS recovery architecture
  • OEM branding possible
  • Free selection of streaming service
rave award 2018

Order Number:

2017.9221 RetailPlayer EU package
2017.9222 RetailPlayer US package
2017.9223 RetailPlayer UK package
2017.9224 RetailPlayer No PSU package

2017.3137 RetailPlayer Portal single device
2017.3138 RetailPlayer Portal 50 devices
2017.3139 RetailPlayer Portal 200 devices
2017.3140 RetailPlayer Portal 500 devices
2017.3141 RetailPlayer Portal 1000 devices
2017.3142 RetailPlayer Portal 5000 devices
2017.3143 RetailPlayer Portal Server Support

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