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RetailPlayerBackground Music

Easily create a background music system with a simple and solid device.

The RetailPlayer is the best valued platform for multi-channel streaming of background music. It is a rock solid metal device that needs little maintenance and can be installed by almost anyone. The online management allows for convenient control of the playout and the new advanced update mechanism secures fail-safe firmware updates. Its portal runs in the cloud which provides the configuration and management for all players at once (it can also be installed at specific premises).

Other features include: remotely downloadable failover content and the option for users to change the volume and channel, if configured. Thanks to its openness, the RetailPlayer integrates existing services neatly. The owner is free to chose the most competitive streaming server. Or with the Instreamer ICE as a source, up to 100 play-out devices can be served without any subscription.

Main Features

  • Online player status monitoring
  • Latest generation, robust, cost-effective player
  • Cloud or client server based management system
  • Individual volume and stream selection control 
  • Management of groups, clients and users
  • Advanced firmware update and OS recovery architecture
  • OEM branding possible
  • Free selection of streaming service

The RetailPlayer streaming device can be configured completely online, includinge the failover playlist. You only need to add a streaming service of your choice and get a complete background music system which can be managed online. If you create a stream by using an Instreamer ICE and stream it directly to the RetailPlayer, the background music runs on a one dollar monthly cost. This background music device is a perfect replacement for the Exstreamer or Lisa devices.

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S400 Retail Player


SP400 Retail Player POE

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RetailPlayer Installation

Use Cases

Background music for In-store, gym, church, hotels and more

Streaming Audio and Message to many sites using the internet

Remote firmware update

Remote control for volume and stream selection

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Ordering Numbers

  • 2017.9221

    RetailPlayer EU package

  • 2017.9222

    RetailPlayer US package

  • 2017.9223

    RetailPlayer UK package

  • 2017.9224

    RetailPlayer No PSU package

  • 2017.3137

    RetailPlayer Portal single device

  • 2017.3138

    RetailPlayer Portal 50 devices

  • 2017.3139

    RetailPlayer Portal 200 devices

  • 2017.3140

    RetailPlayer Portal 500 devices

  • 2017.3141

    RetailPlayer Portal 1000 devices

  • 2017.3142

    RetailPlayer Portal 5000 devices

  • 2017.3143

    RetailPlayer Portal Server Support

  • 2019.9284
    RetailPlayer SP400 Package

Documents & Downloads



RetailPlayer Firmware 5.3.0
RetailPlayer Firmware 5.4.0
RetailPlayer Firmware 6.0.0
RetailPlayer Firmware 6.1.0
RetailPlayer Firmware 6.1.1
RetailPlayer Firmware V5.2.1
RetailPlayer Firmware V5.2.2

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