The Barix network to real-world interface solution - for remote IO, standalone, IP based control systems or data collection applications.

Universal, Programmable I/O device server

Universal, programmable I/O device server for automation engineering in private houses, public buildings, in public transport and network infrastructures. The Barionet device covers a wide range of automation applications for machine control, temperature/humidity monitoring, door-light steering, alarming and many more. With BCL programming language the Barionet is highly adaptable to all electronic control systems.

BCL programming allows the configuration of hardware interfaces like network, I/O, relay, temperature sensor, Wiegand, Serial and 1-wire. On the control side HTTP/CGI, UDP, TCP, SNMP and Modbus/TCP are supported, other protocols can be added over BCL programming. The Barionet products enable remote control and monitoring of infrastructure over the network in order to streamline operations.



  • Industrial control and monitoring, such as I/Os, temperature and voltage monitoring
  • Home automation for control of thermostats and lighting
  • Administration of distributed systems like railway stations and gas stations 
  • Web-enabling devices with RS-232 or Modbus interfaces
  • Access control and security systems driving horns or lights 
  • SNMP monitoring of existing IT-Infrastructure


  • 4 digital outputs
  • 4 analog or digital inputs
  • 4 digital inputs
  • 2 relay outputs
  • Linux/OpenWrt based
  • Barionet I/O extension modules (IO12, X8 and R6 – connected over RS485 port) allow to expand Barionet I/O capabilities
  • The Barionet has a built-in serial gateway function that allows you to control an RS-232 device over a TCP/IP network
  • Barionet includes a webserver to configure the device and to store own applications/pages
  • Two serial ports for RS-232 and RS-422/RS-485 interfaces
  • Configurable SNMP traps, e.g. for input state change
  • Up to 50 temperature sensors can be attached 
  • Analog inputs from zero to 5 volts DC and higher voltages with external resistor
  • Free programmable 1-wire interface on Barionet50, allows to add own 1-wire drivers
  • BCL programmable (Barix Control Language) to customize the device
  • All input and output functions in the Barionet 100 and Barionet 50 are addressed using a common I/O address map
  • Digital input with detection frequency of 30 Hz (15 pulses per second)
  • Barix X8 Expansion Module (RS-485 Modbus I/O module) provides 8 independent inputs or outputs
  • Barix IO12 Expansion Module is a RS-485 Modbus I/O module and provides 12 ESD-protected opto-isolated inputs and 12 outputs
  • DIN rail mounting capability
  • 1 year warranty, 2 years warranty in the rest of the world