Streamline Campus Communication with PS Touch

Simplify Campus Announcements with PS Touch

Stream RTP-STL audio to multiple locations simultaneously.

Stream RTP-STL to multiple locations simultaneously.

Barix encoder device distributes language translation services to the audience

Streaming to on-site mobile listeners using standard Wi-Fi networks. Offering low latency with high-quality, IP-delivered audio to the mobile phone.

Barix Installation for Studio Transmitter Link (STL) over 4G network

A solution to move audio from a Radio Studio to 4 remote locations, using the 4G network

Remote Equipment Monitoring over IP

Barix IP monitoring Solution provides capabilities to control and monitor remote equipment.

Audio over IP: Paging, Intercom and Bells over the Network

Barix IP powers Fountain of Life’s high tech campus for Mass Notification & Security.

Mine Shaft EVAC

Mine shaft EVAC messages playing system for 5 sites.

Audio over IP: Passenger Information Solution for use in Trains

Barix IP Audio Devices provides announcements and intercom functionality in Sao Paulo Metro, Brazil.

Audio over IP: Audio Recording of Classroom Lectures

Barix IP Audio Solution records Classroom lectures for Mississippi State University.

Audio over IP: IP Distribution of School Bells, Anthems and Messages to Classrooms

Barix IP Audio devices used in the AMX Schoolview solution inform and entertain pupils in thousands of K-12 classrooms.