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Barix is an innovation driven company located in Zürich that successfully develops audio over IP hardware and solutions. We are a world wide player in Intelligent Network Audio Applications that was founded in 2001.

To stay at the forefront of an ever-changing industry, we continually expand our audio knowledge, skills and development abilities into new emerging technologies. Our products are used in almost every market and we keep growing.

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Meet Barix

  1. Founded

    Barix AG is founded 2001 in Zürich, Switzerland by Johannes Rietschel. It all started with digital audio encoders and decoders for professional applications such as background music in retail. “My vision was to build a product that would fit the market and adapt to customer requests from there, instead of overthinking. That’s the premise on which Barix was founded,” said Johannes G. Rietschel, founder and current CTO. To set this into relation: 2001 is the year Apple introduces the first iPod product. The success of the following years will have much to do with Barix’s engineering products that solve real-world challenges in a pragmatic way.

  2. Growing

    Barix’s roots took shape in residential automation. Rietschel soon added audio distribution to his vision, introducing products to move voice and music throughout homes. Commercial markets came next in search of inexpensive ways to move audio and control signals over then-novel IP networks. The company established four core product lines: hardware devices for voice and intercom (Annuncicom), automation and control (Barionet), and music/audio streaming (Instreamer encoders, Exstreamer decoders). The broadcast industry was among the first to take interest. Radio engineers saw that Instreamer and Exstreamer products offered a low-cost alternative to expensive microwave STL systems. Broadcasters adopted Barix to transport live program signals between studios and transmitter sites over IP networks..

  3. First Big Success

    Back in 2004, radio broadcasting does mostly rely on expensive analog equipment which required highly trained, specified technicians. Barix is among the first which brings the IP technology into the broadcast market at a much lower price point, changing it forever. Many smaller radio stations and event venues are able, for the first time, to use advanced radio technology themselves and stream their message to the local communities. As a result, the company grows into an established worldwide organization that distributes its technology over a network of authorized resellers.

  4. Established name

    By 2006, Barix had a global partner network, including the Barix Technology U.S. division. It has worldwide presence in education, government, hospitality, medical, radio broadcast, retail, scientific, transportation and worship environments. Solutions follow the demand for background music, SIP paging, intercom and automation. The engineering approach to solve complex problems in a simple and reliable way got Barix to the point where train operators, police stations and governments rely on its technology.

  5. Most disruptive product in audio streaming

    The Barix Exstreamer is for many the best valued product for the IP audio transition in the market. Barix continues to engineer new variants and adds new functions to support more markets.

  6. IPAMs

    Barix now supplies other manufacturers with ready-made parts, which cut their development cost. This makes it possible to add Barix quality audio transmission quickly into any product. Multiple companies built their business on Barix's decision to make the IPAM available to third parties.

  7. Cloud Strategy

    While Barix continues to develop new IP audio and control hardware devices, the company’s focus has increasingly shifted to more software-defined and cloud-based architectures. It develops SoundScape for background music management, from where RetailPlayer will follow, cloud-based radio signal distribution solutions like Reflector and fully networked communications systems like Simple Paging.

  8. Reto Brader becomes CEO

    As successful sales director for the past years at Barix, Reto Brader is announced as the new CEO of Barix. Brader plans to continue embracing customer-driven innovation in broadcast, AV, automation and all of the key vertical markets Barix addresses within these markets. “Just as in the early days, our strategy is to be the first to help businesses turn their IP audio and control visions into reality,” he said.

  9. Innovation Center

    The opening of a new innovation center in Portugal focuses on research and development for new and existing markets. The move further strengthens the innovation drive at Barix.

  10. Celebration

    Barix got 20 years old and is as innovative as ever. “The loyalty of our customers and our embrace of open standards and creative, programmable IP solutions have been at the foundation of our success to date,” Johannes Rietschel said in an interview about the anniversary. “We can now look forward to the next 20 years and beyond.”

Barix Management

Johannes Rietschel (CTO) Owner

Johannes Rietschel (CTO) Owner

Founder and Engineer which actively drives innovation.

Reto Brader (CEO)

Reto Brader (CEO)

Responsible for the companies execution and sales.

Mario Almeida (COO)

Mario Almeida (COO)

Operative responsibility for development and production.


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