Paging System for Fire Fighters Command Center

Paging system over public Internet with live and prerecorded message.

SCADA System Automatic Message Triggering in Manufacturing Plant

Paging system with SCADA triggering playout of pre-recorded messages to multiple zones.

Audio over IP: Audio Recording of Meetings, Conferences, Lectures

Barix IP Audio Solution provides scaleable recording solution with one-click activation.

Mass Notification & Crowd Control

City wide, IP based Announcement, Paging and Emergency Messaging system for crowd management at World Youth Day, Sydney, Australia.

Audio over IP: Emulating VHF Radios in Tank and Flight Simulators

A VHF radio emulation system with multiple channels, recording and playback.

Playing Alert from Phone Call

Triggering audio alarm from a phone call.

Audio Recording of Town Meetings

Real time audio recording with local storage and FTP upload.

Broadcast Live Subtitling

Audio distribution over Internet for live subtitling service.

Audio Gateway

Speak/listen audio system over IP with recording.

Paging / BGM / Alerting System for Zoo Park

Paging system with background music (BGM), SIP integration and alerting messages with scheduling.