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Internet radio source

Solution to provide an internet radio feed to many users

Streaming audio to an internet radio provider (Icecast)

Convert any audio signal to stream it to a Shoutcast or IceCast radio provider. Instreamer devices can stream to up to 32 different destinations across the LAN or over the internet. With the BRTP protocol the application can communicate with other Barix devices on secured networks before it leaves the radio station. Easy-to-install and cost-effective solution for professional audio streaming.

Internet radio in a box

The simplest solution to stream live audio to mobile phones is by using a web radio. Users can directly join your stream with their standard web browser.  The Instreamer ICE has an Icecast server built in to start streaming directly. It is able to feed up to 100 web radio listeners without the requirement to subscribe to an internet radio service provider.

Solved with

Live audio to many listeners

Live audio distribution can be done in many ways. For internet radio in retail stores we recommend using the RetailPlayer as a cost-effective and simple solution that can be managed online and via a smartphone browser. For near-lip sync transport is the AudioPoint ideal, which lets users conenct with their smartphone in realtime to watch movies or use speakers live. The Instreamer ICE can be ideally used for bridging purposes.

Let's build the perfect solution for you

Every business has its specific needs. Aware of this, we adapt and develop intelligent audio solutions built around your needs. Powerful modules allow for fast and cost-efficient development, including production.