Any to All PA Applications

Perform quick and company wide announcements

The Any to All PA Application from Barix provides a fast and easy implementation to stream audio via RTP to different locations.  With this application, the audio stream starts to flow immediately upon pressing the target button, other targets can be added to the paging on the fly. For every button on the device, the stream can be configured as unicast to a specific IP address, as multicast (to group of targets) or as broadcast (to all targets in the local network or to all configured targets). Only speaking or listening is possible at one time (half-duplex). The Any to All firmware can be used also to page to the notification/priority ports of the remote clients even when these are using different firmwares like Streaming Client or SIP Client.

Main Features

  • The system supports a maximum of 16 individual targets, using Annuncicom Family hardware with an optional Barix X8 module attached or using a PS16 talk station with 16 buttons
  • Barix Exstreamer devices can also be used as 'Receive only' endpoints in the system
  • bi-directional streaming in half-duplex supported (depends from used device)
  • One input can be defined as 'stream to all destinations'.
  • The application supports a web UI with configuration and status information
  • Application is supplied with source code (ABCL) and can be modified by user
  • Supports RTP streaming protocol
  • Uses MP3, uLaw or aLaw audio format

Any to all PA

Use Cases

Security announcements for factories, boats, military buildings

Speech streaming in Schools, Universities, Churches

Intercom for kitchen and restaurant

Any to any intercom and announcement solutions

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