The Allure of the Classic – Classics endure through the ages, resonating with people across generations.

The classics stand the test of time. From art and music to food and drink, the classics endure because they resonate with people over many years and generations.

The endurance of technology is a more complicated conversation, especially in the digital age. Mobile device technologies have evolved at such a swift pace that early innovations like the iPod and its “jog wheel” tend to be forgotten. Simply put, technology rapidly falls out of fashion in the modern world as companies adapt their products for changing lifestyles.

That said, there are technologies that endure. FM Radio for example – and even AM Radio in many countries – still resonates with audiences worldwide as a reliable source for news, sports and entertainment. However, the mechanism that brings radio broadcasts to your receivers – over-the-air transmission – remains the primary method for AM/FM content delivery. That remains steadfast even as the rise of IP networking technologies change the way that broadcasters manage program content, and diversify the way consumers receive it through streaming platforms.

Barix introduced Audio over IP as a transport and networking mechanism to broadcasters and other industries nearly 25 years ago in the form of its Instreamer and Extsreamer codecs. Paired together, the Instreamer and Exstreamer offered users a reliable method to move radio and other audio content from an origination point to a receive site over private or public IP networks. As time went on, Barix simplified how customers configured and connected these compact devices to the network, strengthened security protections, and enhanced processing, audio quality and other features to improve performance.

Today, these devices remain in use globally for innumerable applications. While Barix has developed platforms that provide broader feature sets for multipoint distribution applications such as retail network audio and syndicated radio content, the Instreamer and Exstreamer remain invaluable for customers who want to create a simple, reliable, end-to-end #AoIP #streaming solution for broadcast, retail, transportation, corporate and countless other business verticals.

While technology evolves, at Barix we are certain that the classics will always endure.


Join Our Webinar on Tuesday, 18 July 2023 at 10:00am (CET) and discover the Power of Barix IPAC Products with Dante® Support

Tuesday, 18 July 2023 at 10:00 Central European Time (CET)

Join our webinar by clicking on the following link:

📣 Exciting News! With the recent firmware release 2.11, the Barix IPAC family now proudly supports Dante® audio. This means even more possibilities and versatility for your audio networking needs!

🔧 Please Note: The Dante® license must be installed at the factory before shipping the devices, for this reason, there are new product numbers available for Barix distributors ordering their IPAC Dante® licensed units.

🔗 What does Dante® on IPAC Offer?

  • 2 channels for transmission 📡
  • 2 channels for reception 📥
  • Full Dante® compatibility including device advertisement, discovery, PTP, and control
  • Automatic appearance in Dante® Controller under Transmitter and Receiver rows
  • All the functionality of IPAC Firmware: Message scheduler, background music receiver, SIP VoiP client

💡 Additionally, we’ll be sharing 4 groundbreaking applications that we believe present business opportunities for Barix Distributors and Resellers.

Who should attend?

  • Barix Distributors & Resellers
  • AV & PA System Installers
  • AV & VoIP Consultants
  • IT Integrators

Barix IPAC devices with Dante support: