15 February 2023

Elevate your in-store experience with Barix RetailPlayer

Barix RetailPlayer solution offers high-quality audio streaming for commercial spaces.

It’s perfect for various industries, like retail, hospitality, and public spaces. It enhances customer experience, boosts sales, and creates a unique ambiance.

RetailPlayer is customizable to meet business needs and is an ideal solution for businesses that want to engage customers and increase brand recognition.

It allows your business to provide streaming music, information on promotions, and delivering public service announcements, creating an engaging and entertaining environment for visitors.

With RetailPlayer, businesses can also create a more secure environment by using the solution to broadcast emergency alerts, helping to ensure the safety of visitors and staff.

In the hospitality industry, Barix RetailPlayer allows their owners to create a pleasant atmosphere for their guests, with carefully curated playlists and personalised messaging.

Hotels and resorts can use the device to provide information about amenities and services, while restaurants and cafes can use it to create a unique atmosphere that complements their food and decor.

Check out more information about Barix RetailPlayer here


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