Audio over IP: Paging, Intercom and Bells over the Network

Barix IP powers Fountain of Life’s high tech campus for Mass Notification & Security.

Mine Shaft EVAC

Mine shaft EVAC messages playing system for 5 sites.

Audio over IP: Passenger Information Solution for use in Trains

Barix IP Audio Devices provides announcements and intercom functionality in Sao Paulo Metro, Brazil.

Audio over IP: Audio Recording of Classroom Lectures

Barix IP Audio Solution records Classroom lectures for Mississippi State University.

Audio over IP: IP Distribution of School Bells, Anthems and Messages to Classrooms

Barix IP Audio devices used in the AMX Schoolview solution inform and entertain pupils in thousands of K-12 classrooms.

ROIP / Intercom System for Oil/Gas Plants

Double RoIP-VHF / Intercom system with operators connected over Wireless Link.

Paging/Intercom System for Carousel

Hybrid paging/intercom system: standard paging + SIP intercom/paging.

Paging / BGM System with Barix AudioSpread for Zoo Park

Paging system with background music (BGM) using Streaming Client firmware on zone players, addressed using AudioSpread solution.

Paging System Monitoring

Paging system extension over IP with audio monitoring.

Audio over IP: In-Train Intercom and Information System for Swiss Scenic Railway

Barix IP Audio Devices are used by Railtec for in-train Information system for MOB Railways, Switzerland.