26 August 2022

Turn-key Business Music & Ads Delivery

SoundScape is a complete solution to manage and distribute audio over IP networks. With SoundScape, service providers have a single, centralized solution for content delivery and network-wide monitoring and management. The SoundScape solution brings together the customer’s audio library and a central management software portal with corresponding audio playout devices. Users can create playlists, and schedules featuring music, ads and promos from the head office, and configure and update player devices across the network. At the playout locations, Barix devices deliver high-quality audio content to speaker systems, with targeted advertisements seamlessly fading in and out of music streams and playlists. SoundScape leaves no wish open for even the most advanced background music distribution.

{{widget type=”Barix\Widgets\Block\Adminhtml\Widget\Diagram” diagram_url=”SoundScape.svg” links=”bisexstreamer1xx=/exstreamer-soundscape-player; bissoundscapeportal=/soundscape”}}


  • Multi-location networks (retail, hotel chains)
  • Background music with targeted announcements for
    entertainment, ads or information
  • Universities, airports, railway stations, casinos
  • Playout systems with strong reporting requirements (what
    content was playing when)

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