26 August 2022

MOH into Phone System

Barix supports message/music on hold implementations with a variety of solutions. Barix Instreamer encodes an existing analog source into an IP stream that can feed the MOH functionality of new IP based PBX implementations. RetailPlayer provides a platform to distribute MOH content to many locations from a centralized source, providing remote content update capabilities as well as remote management for MOH to many sites. Barix Exstreamer with a USB stick works as a simple local MOH player into the analog input of a phone system.

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  • Maintain current MOH source setup by using Barix Instreamer as MOH encoder to feed audio into Cisco Unified Call Manager and other pure Ethernet-based phone systems
  • Instreamer as reliable playout source with USB stick for simple content update
  • RetailPlayer as remote-managed and remote content
    updated distribution system for MOH messages to many sites

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