26 August 2022

Internet Radio in a Box

Barix Instreamer ICE is an IP Audio encoder that supports the highly efficient AAC+ as well as the widely adopted MP3 encoding standard. In addition to being an analog to IP audio encoder, the Instreamer ICE has a built-in, easy-to-configure ICEcast server. This makes the Instreamer ICE a turn-key solution for internet streaming to up to 100 listeners. Using the relay function in the Instreamer ICE, additional Instreamers can receive one stream for the original encoder and redistribute it to up to 100 listeners each. All they need to decode is a standard web browser.

{{widget type=”Barix\Widgets\Block\Adminhtml\Widget\Diagram” diagram_url=”Instreamer-ICE-Courtroom.svg” links=”bism400=/instreamerice”}}


  • Corporate in-house audio broadcast
  • Live jurisdiction proceeding distribution to selected listeners
  • Intranet audio distribution to multiple sites
  • Church service live radio to hospitals
  • Dial-in surveillance of rf radio communications (e.g. fire

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