26 August 2022

Intercom Integration into your Solution

The IP Intercom application is a user-friendly tool to quickly add IP audio to your infrastructure. It offers a full-duplex application for comfortable two-way communication. IP Intercom is highly adaptable and programmable to any customer’s need. Audio forwarding is achieved on the OS driver layer, which enhances sound quality and lowers latency at startup. All parameters can dynamically be set on a simple command interface, or can be configured from a third party platform. If you require audio communications in your product portfolio, simply integrate Barix IP intercom firmware and devices.

{{widget type=”Barix\Widgets\Block\Adminhtml\Widget\Diagram” diagram_url=”IP-Intercom.svg” links=”bisexstreamer2xx=/exstreamer-200-205″}}


  • Add IP based PA and intercom to existing or 3rd party
  • Full-duplex communication
  • Adding loudspeakers or mics to an existing solution
  • Surveillance and workplace safeguarding

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