26 August 2022

Hybrid Zone Paging

Integrating an analog paging system with an SIP based VoIP Phone system is simple with Barix hybrid zone paging. This solution provides zone-capable paging without the need for an SIP client for each paging point. Page routing is done in the Barix paging gateway and server. The big advantage of this solution: there is no complicated SIP server configuration required with only one SIP client port required per simultaneous paging link. The solution overcomes the problems of cost-prohibitive implementation for SIP solutions where the client needs to pay individual client licenses or for each connected zone.

{{widget type=”Barix\Widgets\Block\Adminhtml\Widget\Diagram” diagram_url=”SG-SIP-Zone-Paging.svg” links=”bisbarionet200=/barionet-200;bispstouch=/annuncicom-ps-touch;bisinstreamer=/instreamer-classic;bisexstreamerp5=/exstreamer-p5″}}


  • Extending an analog zone paging solution with IP and an SIP
    VoIP based system
  • Schools, hospitals, public locations, leisure venues that look
    at leveraging the existing systems
  • SIP VoIP installations that need paging ability at affordable
  • Background music over IP

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