RTP-STL for broadcasting

Streaming live audio to your smartphone listeners

Studio Transmitter Link

Broadcast Link Cloud Service

Reflector is a turn-key solution for streaming audio from an encoder and replicating it to an unlimited number of destinations through the public internet. The solution is cloud-based and uses Barix codec devices for encoding and decoding. Using Reflector service, no fixed IP address or complicated network and firewall configurations are necessary. The user simply identifies their source and destination in the configuration window and the system does the rest.

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  • Compressed or uncompressed streaming for STL, SSL or
    Remote contribution
  • Temporary high-quality audio linking over the internet

Broadcast STL & SSL & Remote BC Codecs

Professional Multiprotocol IP Audio de-/encoder with I/O balanced audio. Support of Internet Radio and VoIP (SIP, RTP) codecs and protocols make these products the ideal choice for broadcast professionals. STL and SSL links can be set up inexpensively, using Barix Codecs and the optional Reflector service. Remote contribution links with SIP in combination with the high-quality open audio codec OPUS, provide the most cost-effective solution for remote broadcasting in the post-ISDN era.

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  • Studio-to-Transmitting station connection
  • Studio-to-Studio link for live interviews
  • Syndicated radio distribution
  • Remote broadcasting

Intercom Integration into your Solution

The IP Intercom application is a user-friendly tool to quickly add IP audio to your infrastructure. It offers a full-duplex application for comfortable two-way communication. IP Intercom is highly adaptable and programmable to any customer’s need. Audio forwarding is achieved on the OS driver layer, which enhances sound quality and lowers latency at startup. All parameters can dynamically be set on a simple command interface, or can be configured from a third party platform. If you require audio communications in your product portfolio, simply integrate Barix IP intercom firmware and devices.

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  • Add IP based PA and intercom to existing or 3rd party
  • Full-duplex communication
  • Adding loudspeakers or mics to an existing solution
  • Surveillance and workplace safeguarding

IP Intercom & Paging

Barix offers a variety of solutions for building intercom and paging systems over IP networks. They are serverless, zone capable and support multi-master configurations allowing them to switch to another control office when the first one is not reachable (e.g. during day/night shift). These solutions support background music and priority voice announcements.  An additional ICgraph Java application allows customers to develop fully-customized graphical interfaces for control, visualization and management.

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  • Door intercom solutions
  • Emergency announcement systems
  • Large-scale public announcement systems
  • Background music with voice announcements
  • Activate video surveillance when speaking at door

Live Internet Streaming

The simplest solution to stream live audio to mobile phones and other devices is using a browser-compatible streaming format. Users can directly join your stream with their standard web browser. The Barix Instreamer encoder converts the audio signal into the needed quality and format over the web. Depending on the technology used, the absolute delay is in the seconds.

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  • Internet radio
  • Live streaming of events to remote listeners

Access control and security

In combination with an intercom solution, the Barionet can securely trigger automated actions such as opening a door. In combination with a video surveillance system, these automated actions can be used to start an alarm or start recording.

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Remote site automation and control

Opening a channel, switching a device, controlling …

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