18 November 2022

Barix Annuncicom MPI400 – Intercom / Paging device with high quality audio and latest security standards

Discover the Barix Annuncicom MPI400: A Revolution in Intercom Technology

The Barix Annuncicom MPI400 is redefining intercom technology. Explore its key features in this video, ideal for various industries.

Advanced Audio Quality

Experience crystal-clear audio for SIP calls, alarms, and door activation. Microsoft Teams compatibility ensures seamless integration.

Dante Integration

As one of the first Barix products with full Dante compatibility, the MPI400 delivers exceptional audio over IP networks.

Robust Security

Loaded with Barix’s IPAC firmware, it adheres to the latest security standards, safeguarding your communication network.

Versatile and User-Friendly

Supporting the OPUS codec, it offers high-quality audio for various applications, eliminating the need for additional matrix switchers.

Applications Across Industries

From corporate offices to healthcare and education, the MPI400 enhances communication, coordination, and safety.

Discover the MPI400 in action and elevate your communication systems. Watch the video now!

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