Video Barix Exstreamer M400 – Multiformat IP Audio Decoder with stereo line level audio output on RCA connectors

Enhance Your Audio System with the Barix Exstreamer M400

Unlock the potential of your audio setup with the Barix Exstreamer M400. This versatile multiformat IP audio decoder takes your PA system to the next level, transforming it into an extensive Audio over IP solution.

Seamless Integration

With support for various audio environments like Dante®, SIP, InformaCast, and Syn-Apps, the Exstreamer M400 seamlessly integrates into your existing setup.

Codec Diversity

Choose from a wide range of codecs, including PCM, AACplus, MP3, OPUS, G.711, and G.722. Stream audio effortlessly using HTTP and RTP protocols.

Effortless Playback

Store audio files on the device’s internal memory and trigger playback with a simple UDP command. It’s a hassle-free way to manage your audio content.

Priority Handling

The Exstreamer M400’s priority handler allows you to configure it to switch between sources based on five priority settings. Say goodbye to the need for an additional audio matrix device.

Solid and Compact

Crafted from solid metal, the M400 is not only durable but also compact, ensuring easy installation. Connect it to your amplifier, DSP, or audio mixer via stereo output RCA connectors.

Simple Configuration

Setting up the device is a breeze thanks to the local web interface. You can fine-tune your audio setup effortlessly.

Upgrade your audio experience today with the Barix Exstreamer M400. Watch the video to see it in action and take your audio system to new heights.