29 January 2022

New Barix Exstreamer MPA400 with increased output into 2 to 8 Ohm allows to drive loudspeakers with up to 40 Watts RMS

Are you in need of a versatile IP audio decoder with amplified output to enhance your audio systems? Look no further than the Exstreamer MPA400 IP Audio Decoder. This remarkable device transforms ordinary 2-8 ohm speakers into an extensive Audio over IP system, offering a wide range of capabilities to meet your audio streaming needs.

Supports Multiple Audio Environments

The Exstreamer MPA400 IP Audio Decoder is compatible with various audio environments, including Dante®, SIP, InformaCast, and Syn-Apps. This versatility ensures seamless integration into your existing audio setup, making it a valuable addition to your audio infrastructure.

Codec Compatibility

When it comes to audio codecs, the MPA400 doesn’t disappoint. It supports a range of codecs such as PCM, AACplus, MP3, OPUS, G.711, and G.722. This flexibility allows you to choose the codec that best suits your requirements. Additionally, these codecs can be served over both HTTP and RTP protocols, providing you with multiple options for audio delivery.

Easy Audio File Playback

Storing and playing audio files is a breeze with the Exstreamer MPA400. You can store audio files on its internal memory and trigger playback effortlessly using a simple UDP command. This feature simplifies audio management and enhances the overall efficiency of your audio system.

Flexible Power Options

The Exstreamer MPA400 offers flexible power options to suit your setup. It supports all PoE standards, including up to 4PPoE, enabling you to power the device conveniently through Ethernet. If PoE is not feasible for your setup, you can opt for an external power supply.

User-Friendly Configuration

Configuring the MPA400 is a user-friendly experience. The device features a modern web interface that makes setup and customization a straightforward process. Additionally, it offers a REST API, allowing seamless integration with third-party applications, further enhancing its adaptability.

In summary, the Barix Exstreamer MPA400 is a reliable and feature-rich IP audio decoder designed to meet the demands of various audio environments. Whether you require high-quality audio streaming for broadcasting, conferencing, or other applications, the MPA400 delivers exceptional performance. Its ease of use, codec compatibility, and flexible power options make it a valuable addition to any audio setup. Upgrade your audio system with the Exstreamer MPA400 and enjoy seamless, high-quality audio streaming.

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