Low-latency encoder for unicast streaming over WiFi connection

The AudioPoint 3.0 streams live audio over various WiFi-routers to the cellphones of up to 50 users (respectively 250 users, depending on the license). A unicast stream enables near lip sync audio streaming to the users' mobile phones via a free iOS and Android app. AudioPoint 3.0 provides single-channel or multi-channel support, lists available channels and streams your logo without the need for a cloudbased platform.

Configuration Interface Preview

Move from analog to digital. To be effcient, change as little as possible.

  • Build on your current best practice: Keep your speaker and your product experience.
  • Minimize risk: Utilize the experience of the leader in IP-based transport to address the future in audio distribution.
  • Be ready for the future: Build on a feature-rich, easily expandable IP decoder/amplifier with Barix as reliable partner.
  • Stay competitive: IP Former is highly price competitive in project tenders by upgrading existing infrastructure.

Remote Management

Remote Management

The RetailPlayer streaming device can be configured completely online, includinge the failover playlist. You only need to add a streaming service of your choise and get a complete background music system which can be managed online. If you create a stream by using an Instreamer ICE and streamit directly to the RetailPlayer, the background music runs on a one dollar monthly cost. This background music device is a perfect replacement for the Exstreamer or Lisa devices.

  • Real-time audio streaming for almost lip-sync audio
  • Free iOs and Android apps which are customizable (on request)
  • Simple onboarding with a QR code

How can you Implement this Solution in a Wider System

  • Low-latency streaming to cell phone app
  • No cloud server required
  • QR code scan to connect to a stream
  • iOS and Android compatible
  • Single channel or multi-channel support
  • Works with many Wi-Fi routers
  • Up to 250 users per device
  • Customizable channel logo displayed on app
  • Automatic recognition and dynamic listing of available channels
  • Audio Format PCM / 24kHz 16bit mono
  • AudioPoint Pro server for thousands of users
  • Easy configuration

What You Need

AudioPoint App

High Quality WiFi Router

Upgrade to 250 users

Devices Available for AudioPoint

AudioPoint AudioPoint 3.0

Near Lip-Sync Encoder

  • Turns a local WiFi-system into a near lip-sync network
  • Two channel selectable per device
  • No cloud synchronisation needed
  • Free app optimized for iOS and Android

Ordering numbers for AudioPoint 3.0

  • 2017.9217
    AudioPoint 3.0 50 clients EU Package

  • 2017.9218
    AudioPoint 3.0 50 clients US Package

  • 2017.9219
    AudioPoint 3.0 50 clients UK Package

  • 2017.9220
    AudioPoint 3.0 50 clients No PSU Package

  • 2017.3135
    AudioPoint 250CL License upgrade to support 250 clients total

  • AudioPoint PRO
    10 GigE equiped server that can serve more than 2000 users (requires one AudioPoint 3.0 unit)

  • 2020.3167
    AudioPoint 3.0 Software Development Kit, incl. one license for one custom build AudioPoint 3.0 app.



Keep me updated about AudioPoint 3.0

"I chose the Barix Instreamer and Extreamer 110 because of the economical price and functions that I needed. I use this pair as an Studio Transmitter Link for a radio station in Peru, South America. They have been extremely reliable and I especially like the relay contact on the Extreamer. I use it to control a contactor to turn on the transmitter and associated equipment when streaming begins."

Rick Herr (SIL)

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