BARIX Distributors Event – Aveiro, Portugal

Join Us in Aveiro, Portugal for the Barix Distributors Event!

Discover Barix: Workshops by Experts

Experience the Barix Distributors Event in Aveiro, Portugal, from October 25th to 26th, 2023, and enrich your Barix product knowledge. Our seasoned experts have curated a series of workshops designed to empower both longstanding partners and newcomers with invaluable insights for distributor success.

Unveiling Barix: A Behind-the-Scenes Tour

Ever wondered about the magic behind Barix? Now’s your chance to find out! Step into our production warehouse, where precision and quality converge in every Barix product. Meet the dedicated team members who breathe life into our brand, and develop a profound appreciation for Barix’s ethos.

Aveiro’s Enchanting Charms

But it’s not all business! Aveiro, affectionately known as “Little Venice,” beckons with its captivating canals, vibrant Moliceiro boats, and mouthwatering cuisine. While here, immerse yourself in Aveiro’s allure and explore the charming surroundings, savoring the delectable local dishes that will delight your palate.

Seize the Opportunity: Reserve Your Spot

Don’t miss this unique blend of education, networking, and cultural immersion. If you haven’t secured your place for this unforgettable event, there’s still time! Join us in Aveiro, Portugal, and elevate your partnership with Barix. To secure your spot, simply email us at We eagerly await the chance to share this enriching experience with you and fortify our collaboration for a brighter future together. See you in Aveiro!