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Syn-Apps RevolutionTechnically Advanced

Mass Notification System

The next generationnotification with Syn-Apps Software and Barix Hardware. Enables to reach people wherever they are to enhance security, streamline communication and maximize efficiency. Syn-Apps and Barix unites disparate technology into a centralized platform to help people communicate critical information more efficiently, safely, and reliably.

For more details on Syn-Apps, check the offical Syn-Apps Revolution Website.

Syn-Apps Mass-Notification for







Supported Barix Devices

The following Barix devices are certified by Syn-Apps to work with the Revolution mass-notification system. 

For other products please contact Barix.

IP Former Audio Endpoint

Turns a standard speaker into a Syn-Apps compatible IP Speaker. Just plug into the network and configure in the Syn-Apps management portal.


  • Audio output (unbalanced) with 8 Watts @ 80hm
  • POE Powered
  • Mounts on standard transformer screwholes


IPFormer Syn-Apps Productsheet (PDF)


Exstreamer M400 Syn-Apps

Syn-Apps audio endpoint to feed an amplifier.


  • Stereo Line Level Audio output (cinch/RCA connector)
  • Ruggedized aluminium case
  • Ultra reliable with dual boot recovery


Exstreamer M400 Syn-Apps Productsheet (PDF)


Barionet 400

A general purpose I/O device for many control applications around Syn-Apps: Destress button, Reading alarm panel contacts, switching lights, motion detector connection and more.


  • 4 Relay Outputs (30VDC, 5A)

  • 4 Digital Inputs (0-15 VDC)

  • One 10/100 Ethernet port

  • USB Host Interface


Barionet 400 Syn-Apps Productsheet (PDF)


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Ordering Numbers

  • 2020.9291

    Exstreamer M400 Syn-Apps Revolution EU Package

  • 2020.9292

    Exstreamer M400 Syn-Apps Revolution US Package

  • 2020.9293

    Exstreamer M400 Syn-Apps Revolution UK Package

  • 2020.9294

    Exstreamer M400 Syn-Apps Revolution NoPSU Package (no power supply)

  • 2020.9300

    IP Former Syn-Apps Revolution

  • 2018.9257P

    Barionet 400 Syn-Apps Revolut