Hybrid IP and SIP paging solution combines the best of both worlds

The new Barix SIP Zone Paging firmware running on existing Barix hardware enables system integrators to implement a zone capable paging solution without the need for a SIP client for each paging point. Page routing is done in the Barix paging gateway and server.

The big advantage of this solution: there is no complicated SIP server configuration required and with only one SIP client port required per simultaneous paging link. The solution overcomes the problems of prohibitive implementation cost for SIP solutions where the client needs to pay individual client licenses or each connected zone.



  • Hybrid IP and SIP paging solution combines the best of both worlds
  • Page to selected zones or all from SIP phone
  • Eliminates complex SIP server configuration
  • Saves on SIP client ports & licenses
  • Supports background music over IP


  • Up to 80 zones addressable
  • Page to all or page to selected zones
  • Up to 7 zones per call selectable by phone keypad
  • PS16 support for all or for up to 10 direct zone selections
  • Up to 4 simultaneous paging sources
  • Chime support (internal chime on/off)
  • Only one SIP server client per simultaneous channel
  • Support of background music channels (with channel selection by zone)
  • Emergency notification port on receivers
  • Barix Exstreamers as zone players with Line out, built in amplifier, PoE

Printed 17.06.2019 - 21:55:49