MOH Solution

On-hold messaging and music for traditional and VoIP systems


The Barix MOH solution delivers on hold messaging and music into both traditional and VOIP phone systems. Targeted at On Hold Messaging service providers who script, record and maintain on hold messages for their clients, the solution is a complete system, consisting of web based content delivery and management system and individual hardware players at customer locations. Users can either buy the solution outright, or they can use the hosted service.

On hold content is uploaded to the Central Management System (CMS) and then scheduled for target locations. Each location can have many schedule entries set up in advance; upcoming schedules are shown in a calendar list.

Barix Exstreamer devices at each location function as audio players. The Exstreamer checks the CMS periodically for content or configuration changes, applying them as necessary. Once an audio update is downloaded it is loop-played.

The system supports both analogue playback for traditional PBX systems and can also send the audio as a network stream for VOIP systems such as Cisco Call Manager (CUCM) and Asterisk.

For advertising or info point applications, the playback of the message can also be trigged by motion sensor or contact/switch.

The CMS monitors the Exstreamers, showing the status of all devices, it also alerts nominated users of any problems via email. System logs enable fast problem resolution.



  • Full solution with cloud based server, web frontend and reliable playout devices
  • Maintenance free hardware and software solution
  • Direct digital playout into SIP / VOIP PBX, analog output for traditional systems
  • Message updates can be active in minutes, or scheduled months in advance
  • Local Time feature simplifies scheduling across time zones
  • Standalone mode for sites without network
  • Triggered messaging option
  • HTTP interface to enable integration with third party message production systems



  • On Hold audio delivery system
  • Instore promotional message player
  • Traffic information device
  • FM sales/information point for real estate sales (when combined with FM transmitter)
  • General triggered message playback with web update capability