Background Music and Adverts

Manage your background music and voice adverts in retail outlets, hotel lobbies and restaurants

Live Encoding

Live encoding solutions for universities, concerts and events. Barix Audio Signage Solution brings screen audio to your earplugs

Studio Transmission and Syndication

Stream audio from a broadcast studio to the transmitter site, supporting remote relay control and serial tunneling

Intercom and Paging

Define your complete Intercom and paging solution over IP networks, with group / zone definition and multiple master stations

SIP/VOIP Paging System

Use Barix devices to extend your existing VOIP system with POE talk stations, paging speakers and music on hold insertion

Security and Surveillance

Surveil a special area with microphones and start streaming on a predefined input level.  Goes perfectly with 3rd party video solution

Programmable Remote Control

Barionet devices are fully programmable I/O device servers for machine control, temperature monitoring or many other applications

IoT devices

IoT devices to enable applications like monitoring the physical condition of merchandise or materials management (LoRa, Sigfox, Wifi, 4G)

OEM Modules

BARIX produces cost effective modules for a perfect integration into customer solutions, from audio-over-IP to control devices