Barix STL

Studio transmitter link


The Barix RTP STL solution enables audio and control links between two or more locations to be quickly and easily set up, just requiring Barix encoders and decoders and a network connection.

The solution is set up using the web interface on each device, which also provides status information about the audio, connection and device I/O.
In the simplest configuration an encoder in a studio is paired directly with a decoder placed at the transmitter site, forming a reliable, low latency studio transmitter link  (STL) at a low cost. Latency as low as 20ms can be achieved on a suitable network, upwards of a few hundred ms depending upon the link configuration. The RTP STL supports a serial data tunnel alongside the audio, which can be used to send RDS data, for example.

Using Barix’ flagship Exstreamer 500 or 1000 products at each location delivers excellent audio quality, combined with the ability to tunnel the sender device’s input information to the receiver’s outputs. The device pair can also deliver bi-directional audio capability, useful for confidence checking or radio talk shows.

As well as streaming audio from point to point, the RTP STL can send the audio as individual streams to up to eight receivers. Using multicast addresses, the number of receivers can be higher.

The RTP STL is a sophisticated, flexible tool with many features allowing full customization of link behavior.


  • Local message playback on relay activation
  • Failover playback on stream loss
  • Flexible control over streaming
  • Low latency RTP
  • Tunneling of I/O and serial data
  • Uni / bi-directional audio
  • SNMP / SMTP / relay alert notifications
  • Relay flagging on stream / lost stream
  • Firewall friendly – does not require specialist firewall configuration


  • STL
  • STL with confidence checking loopback
  • Remote contribution from reporters back to the studio
  • Content syndication to multiple partners
  • Automated local announcement insertion over the feed.