Managed in-store audio delivery to many locations

Solutions for background music and announcement distribution to many locations

Managed In-store audio Streaming

Multi-channel background music streaming for streaming background music and messages to many sites. The solution provides a cost effective, robust and highly scalable solution. A portal server (that runs in the cloud or can be installed at the clients premises) provides the configuration as well as firmware update and management for all players. For the streaming server, the customer is open to select the most competitive solution on the market and is not locked to the Barix platform. 


  • Robust, cost-effective player
  • Cloud or client server based management system
  • Individual volume and stream selection control 
  • Management of groups, clients and users
  • Advanced firmware update and OS recovery architecture
  • OEM branding possible
  • Free selection of streaming service

Full featured background music provisioning platform

A central management software portal with corresponding audio playout devices. Users with administrative access can create and schedule playlists featuring music, ads and promos from the head office, and additionally configure and update player devices across the network. At the playout locations, Barix devices deliver high-quality audio content to speaker systems, with targeted advertisements seamlessly fading in and out of music streams and playlists.


  • Centralized management software
  • Audio players with high-quality music reproduction
  • Seamless switching between live streams and stored playlists
  • Dynamic ad insertions with seamless fade-in/out
  • Alarm generation, network reporting for monitoring and troubleshooting and more

Adverts playing and tracking

Targeted advertisements seamlessly fade in and out of music streams and playlists. The ability to switch between live and stored content provides flexible playout options for customers who wish to schedule special playlists for specific times or events.


  • Dynamic ad insertions with seamless fade-in/out
  • Reliable players with high-quality audio output
  • Centralized management
  • Reporting for ad monitoring

Store Announcements

A fast and easy implementation to stream audio via RTP to different locations. The audio stream starts to flow immediately upon pressing the target button, other targets can be added to the paging on the fly.

Any to All PA

  • 16 individual targets with 16 buttons
  • One input can be defined to stream to all destinations
  • Bi-directional streaming in half-duplex support
  • RTP streaming protocol, MP3, uLaw or aLaw

Simple Paging

  • Use multiple paging stations and smartphones
  • Superior audio quality
  • Multi-zone system for selective announcements
  • No maintenance cost, no PC or server needed
  • Easily add zones and paging stations to expand
  • Simultaneous paging to independent targets
  • Dynamic status indication for easy maintenance
  • Zoned Background Music playback
  • Independent volume setting for each Paging Zone

IC Paging

  • No server needed 
  • full or half duplex mode of operation
  • 8 configurable group target buttons, each group can address 128 devices with multicast or broadcast
  • With PS16 extension 104 devices can be addressed directly with unicast 
  • 4 Master stations support (PS16/ICgraph)
  • remote switching of client relay
  • Features priority notification port