Streaming Client - Live audio and advertisement simply anywhere, anytime


The Streaming Client Firmware turns Barix Exstreamer devices into professional network audio players, supporting MP3, A/u-Law, PCM and other formats. The Streaming Client software ensures a wide range of background music can be provided by three failover audio sources, such as two url addresses for streaming audio and locally via USB storage. The firmware can easily be integrated into an existing infrastructure with a command or web interface. Several tools are built in, including priority port setting for emergency calls; and changing the decoding speed for different locations. Barix realtime transport protocol (BARP) enables the receiver device to open a pull session over secured networks, and maintain a continuous audio stream to locations without a fixed IP address. Channel switching can be done via a IR remote control device, which makes the application easy to use for retail outlets, bars and restaurants.



  • Background music in shops, restaurants and bars
  • Live music broadcast for events
  • Speeches at schools, universities and churches
  • Live surveillance


  • Plays MP3/AAC+ streams from network (HTTP, RTP, BRTP) and M3U playlists (HTTP and local)
  • G.711 and PCM raw support in RTP/BRTP
  • Supports authentication (HTTP, Shoutcast, Icecast)
  • Shoutcast meta-data displayed on hardware featuring LCD
  • Autoplay functions plays all audio files inside USB/microSD without playlist (standalone mode)
  • Control and configuration using a standard web browser
  • Monitoring using SNMP and Barimon (HTTP, UDP)
  • Command interface via Serial, TCP, UDP, HTTP (CGI)
  • Priority notification port
  • Supports proxy server (HTTP proxy support)
  • Remote control support via API and IR (IR device dependent)
  • Serial gateway to transmit RS232 data to a remote location
  • Decoding correction allows fine tuning of the playback speed
  • Shoutcast metadata or commands can trigger the playback of local audio files
  • Automatic update of firmware, configuration and local contents (via HTTP)
  • Exstreamer 205 features a line input for passing audio from an external device (portable MP3 player)
  • Relay control (on proper devices)
  • ‘User Interface Development Kit’ to design your own web look and feel
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