Store&Play Audio Player


Exstreamer Store&Play is an audio player solution that replaces FTPMP3 legacy firmware. It solves low bandwidth and even no bandwidth situations. Now you can setup a schedule or audio playlist to play off local media storage and play background music, message and ad inserts. With low bandwidth impact, you can remotely update the audio playlist using HTTP and FTP to post new content to the local media storage. These updates can be scheduled to occur when you want them to, typically at night when other network traffic is lower.

Another simple and reliable solution from Barix to help address applications where even streaming audio is not an option.


  • Local Storage and playback of Music, messages and ads (MP3 and M3U files)
  • Content can be remotely updated via HTTP and FTP
  • Build and customize playlists that can even include ads
  • Update playlists remotely and set them to play on a schedule
  • Schedule based playback of messages
  • Includes an internal RTC that keeps track of time to ensure timely playback in offline situations
  • Playback of live audio streams (HTTP or RTP)


  • In Store music
  • Music on hold
  • Looped messaging for greetings and ad kiosks