IoT Devices


The flexible Barix IoT device adds a configurable “remote IO” device to the range of the Barix control products.


The Barix IoT-X series provides SMS, 3G/4G, LoRa or NB-IOT connectivity to a proven set of IO interfaces for monitoring and control. Various protocol options allow easy interfacing to cloud based management systems. Relays can be remotely activated and the analog and digital inputs allow monitoring and alarming.


iot narrowband control


  • Environmental and alarm monitoring

  • Smart remote decision making

  • Alarming via SMS or network applications

with custom programmed software:

  • vending machine supervision
  • smart metering
  • specialty access control applications
  • mobile payment solutions


  • 4 controllable Relays (4x24V,0.5A)
  • 4 analog inputs with 10bit resolution (0-5V) for threshold monitoring
  • 4 digital input status monitoring
  • 2G / 3G / 4G / Narrowband IoT (NB1) / MB1 / LoRa or Sigfox version available
  • Support for 16 customizable SMS message strings (32 char. per string)

  • Support of up to 8 individual target phone numbers 
  • Status health command: Configurable for regular messaging or by poll message
  • Connector for external antenna
  • Message buffer for multiple simulations events
  • Supply voltage (9-30V)

Product in Development

If you are interested in this IoT device, please contact us.

We almost finished the development and are currently testing options.

  • Send messages and data over 2G / 3G / 4G / Narrowband IoT (NB1) / MB1 / LoRa or Sigfox, thanks to our interchangeable communication modules. 
  • Customised software communication with any cloud platform. 
  • 16 Weeks lead time.