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Move audio signals from A to B (and C and D)

IP based audio transport solutions.

Bridge audio between locations across buildings or around the world

Streaming Client turns Barix Exstreamer devices into professional network audio players for easy use in retail outlets, bars and restaurants. Background music can be provided by three failover audio sources, such as two URL addresses for streaming audio and locally via USB storage. Several tools are built-in, including priority setting for emergency calls or changing the decoding speed for different locations. Streaming Client can open a pull session over secured networks to maintain a continuous audio stream to locations without a fixed IP address.

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Dial an audio link

SIP Client integrates Barix devices into an existing VOIP phone system. It works with most SIP based VoIP solutions including Cisco Unified Communications Manager or Asterisk. Using the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP), the client device receives a phone number in addition to its IP address and can communicate either on a peer-to-peer connection or over a proxy-based connection (PBX). Ringtone and busy tone guarantees that the call remains confidential and the recipient really receives the information. Featuring background music, audio rebroadcasting and special DTMF commands to quickly manage the device, the SIP Client is easy to integrate into an existing telephone system. Four different relay ports can be configured to open doors, windows, or to activate machines while simultaneously speaking.

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Campus audio distribution

Barix offers a huge range of products for audio distribution on campus. The Instreamer encodes analog audio sources in real time in a configurable format and streams it to an Exstreamer (or Retail Player). The Exstreamer devices decode the IP Audio streams and play out the received Audio signal via a built-in amplifier to speakers. Supporting a large number of protocols, encoding methods and application specific firmware, the products can be used for Announcments, Internet Radios, VoIP phones and Surveillance alike.

Remote audio surveillance

Audio surveilance is the less intrusive, more anonymous way to build intelligent audio devices for smart control and surveillance. Listen to what is going on live. Adding interactive voice functionality to a video surveillance installation helps security personnel as they can address the thief personally and in real time. As a result, most culprits drop the goods and leave.

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Use Cases

Use cases are real-life applicatons Barix has solved. It is only a tiny fraction of the possible solutions possible and we will continue to grow this list of examples. Feel free to write us yours for an evaluation (without publication).

Let's build the perfect solution for you

Every business has its specific needs. Aware of this, we adapt and develop intelligent audio solutions built around your needs. Powerful modules allow for fast and cost-efficient development, including production.